My Plan

After doing much research over the years, some of it more recent, here is what I have finally settled on:

~Avoid processed foods whenever possible
~Avoid all oils except olive oil and coconut oil
~Allow real butter, whole milk, and whole milk dairy products (in moderation)
~Allow whole eggs
~Avoid all white sugar and high fructose corn syrup
~Allow all fruit
~Allow bread and pasta, but only the sprouted grain/spelt kind
~Allow brown rice (no white rice)
~Avoid white potatoes, allow sweet potatoes
~Allow all vegetables (starchy ones in moderation)
~No artificial sweeteners, use 100% all natural stevia instead

Goal weight: 145
Size I'd like to see myself in: Size 6

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have a New Blog on SparkPeople! is awesome! So many great tools for losing weight and getting healthy. I'm blogging there now! Much easier to do it that way, plus I get lots of feedback from other SparkPeople members! I'm still following the same general plan listed at the top of this blog, but allow the occasional Eggo waffle or pita bread now, and maybe on occasion Italian bread, mainly because I can't afford to buy ALL sprouted grain products, which are twice as expensive, lol! Anyway check out my new blog! I'm down to 174.5 lbs now and counting and am well on my way to being trained to run in a 5K! Here's the link: See you there! :-)

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